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I Spy

You like the thought of my soft cock dangling  between my legs, water cascading over my balls. You like the thought of peeking in. The possibility that I don’t know your there, may aswage your Catholic guilt in some way. 

You hear the shower turn on. The door is open a crack. You glance nervously in. You see my boxers drop to the floor as I step under the warm water. The curtain is closed behind me. You can’t see me anymore but you can hear me. You wonder what my body looks like with warm water pouring over it. It’s okay.

You’re human. You hear me open the body wash. Click. You see the curtain move as my elbow gently bumps it as I wash my body. You hear a moan escape my lips. You step into the bathroom now, trying to build the courage to look inside.

You pull the curtain back just enough to peek. You see my soap covered body. My cock no longer soft.
You watch as I push the suction cupped dildo to just the right height on the wall. I have obviously done this before. You reach down and touch your own stiffening cock through the fabric of your pants.

You watch as I back on to the dildo. A groan escapes my lips and my cock jumps to even more attention. I slowly slip up and down the toy as I stroke my hard cock. You unzip your pants and pull out your cock. You stroke yourself as you watch me. Our eyes meet. I knew you were there. You are shocked and embarrassed. I don’t care. I like you watching. I reach down and help you stroke yourself. You remove your hand and let me take over. I bend and take your cock into my mouth as you watch my ass swallow the dildo over and over again. The same way my mouth swallows your cock.

I moan and let your cock free. I’m going to cum. I stand and arch my back. You watch and feel my cum leave my purple swollen cock head. My balls tighten with each spasm… my warm cum splashes over your cock and balls. You’re startled. Shocked in fact, at its heat. You massage it over your cock…

It only takes a moment for you to cum… I warned you my friend. It’s addicting.

Now come into the shower with me… we’ll get you washed up.

Perhaps your passion will now allow you to take advantage of the slippery Naked ass before you.

Enjoy… even if it’s only a dream


I dreamed I was asleep laying on my side. Naked. When I felt your warm tongue on my ass. I rolled sleepily on to my belly. Your hands gently separated my cheeks and your tongue pierced my hole.
I moaned softly. My hips involuntarily raised your hands resting on each ass cheek, face buried between. I slid my knees up beneath me. Offering my ass to you. Face on my pillow now turned to the side so you could hear my pleasures. Your fingers probe and find their way into me and I grunt and separate my legs to provide you better access to my honey hole. Your free hand cradles my balls and  strokes my cock. 

I move to roll to my back. You pull my body towards the edge of the bed and slip your well lubed cock inside me. You lean over me. Kissing me as you fuck me. Slow and deliberate. You jerk my cock as you stare into my eyes. Deep thrust into my ass and I am about to cum for you. The first few long spurts squirt across my chest and into my open mouth. You grunt and fill my ass with your own spectacular hot semen. You then lean over and kiss and lick my mouth to share my own cum with me.

We fall asleep… so that you can start this all again in an hour.

I am proud of my sexual fluidity. My ability to Love the human body in any form.

I  aim to pleasure the soul. To find that innermost place that begs attention and satisfy its needs. 

So when you enter this world, my world here of safe, consensual sex. 

See me for me. 

A true man. 

A lover.

An empath.

Sleep Fuck

She sleeps soundly. On her side. Her warm back to you. Turn and kiss her. Between her shoulder blades. Hear her inhale, stir but not awaken. Gentle soft kisses up the back of her neck. Softly. Slow. You want her to remain dreaming. Press your warm hard cock against the small of her back. You’ve been dripping. Trace a line from the small of her back to the crack of her sweet bottom. You crave fucking her. Slipping into that sweet tight treasure of her ass.

But you know she won’t let you. For whatever reason… Most women won’t give into that carnal desire. So instead you slip between her warm thighs and lubricate her labia.
She again moans softly. She thinks she is dreaming of you. Softly nibble her ear, whisper how much you love her. She can hear you.
Do you feel every inch of her slick pussy? Press slowly. Feel your cock enter her perfect womb. Now slowly extract and roll towards me… Feel my mouth on you. Taking your cock in. Licking her sweet wetness off you. My fingers squeeze your balls….
But she stirs again… Pressing her ass against your hip. Go to her in her dream.
Slide again inside her. Coat your cock for me. Pull out again and offer your manhood to me.
Now back inside her. You are torn. Her pussy, her scent, her love… My mouth, my cock, my ass.
You have known her forever, her rhythms, her responses, her soft cooing as she enjoys your gentle strokes.
Fuck her baby. Feel every movement.
Feel me against you now kissing your back and neck. A sharp bite. Fuck! You almost came! DONT.
Listen to my whispers, my directions. Only move your hips. She needs to stay asleep. She needs to cum and slumber.
Her wetness is heaven… But so is my cock pressed against your tight hole.
I am going to fuck you so good. Uuhhhhhh! One long deep stroke and I am inside your ass.

I want to cum so badly right now. We match rhythms, you in her and me in you. I cannot tell the difference between her soft womanly moans and your girlish cooing.
Do you like me fucking you? Do you like her sleeping and unaware? Your ass so tight. Your manly scent. Your warm skin. Her pussy. Cum inside her baby. And I shall cum inside YOU as your reward. I squirt my hot cum and you moan as you release inside her and she orgasms too. The three of us shudder. Breathing, panting. You roll to me and kiss. She spoons behind you still asleep. I want your kisses but not quite yet. There is something I need first.
I move down to your pussy soaked cock. You smile in the darkness and stroke my head.

Feel my lips against its head? Enter my mouth and let me clean you. Fuck my mouth baby.

So sweet, the taste of both of you. After a few minutes of slowly sliding across my tongue and throat I feel and taste another ejaculation from you. Fucking incredible. I swallow. It takes several. I lick your softening cock spotlessly clean. And kiss those wonderful balls.
I soft tongue filled kiss goodbye. You reach your hand to me… But I have slipped into the shadows. You’re eyes grow heavy. Was I ever even there? 


I couldn’t see her face… Well at least not all of it. I could see her mouth move to a smile as I climbed the bed behind her husband. His head lay on the pillow tilted to watch her watching him. I lubricated my hard cock. His was soft out of nervous trepidation probably. I pressed my cock against his star shaped opening and the head popped in. He moaned in surprise.Her mouth opened in an exhale as she hissed “Yessssssss”.
One hand pinched at the nipple hidden beneath her bra… The other eagerly stroked the growing wet spot on her panties. He reached behind himself and opened his ass cheeks wider for me. This gave me better access and I was able to push that extra inch I needed to make him moan “Oh Gawd baby… This feeeeels soooo gooood” I still don’t know if he was talking to her or me. Her hand. Feverishly rubbed her clothed pussy. His breath slowed and deepened as I could feel his sphincter tighten around my cock. 
 I watched as she yanked at the waist band of her panties pulling the damp things down and over her ankles she then slipped her bra up over her head and off. The panties she threw to me as I fucked her husband. I caught and smelled them, damp and delicious. Without loosing my rhythm I rubbed the wet spot over his nose and face. “Breathe that in my little bitch”. He did and then then moaned louder as I began to fuck him harder. Her fingers now entered her slick pussy as we both watched. Her mouth opening and closing like a fish thrown onto dry land.
“Move!” She demanded as she climbed on his pillow. I could finally see her face. Nearly demonic with pleasure. Her legs spread wide for him to feed his…and her hunger. His legs spreading wide to feed mine. She reaches up one single hand with glazed fingers, so that I may too taste her loveliness. I reach below him and stroke his now firm cock as I pump his tight ass.
“Cum on her pussy, my sweet cunt” I say to him as he moans inside her. He lifts his head. Raises his body. Arches his back and grunts as we all watch warm splashes of white cum land all over her mons and labia…then quickly drip to her angry read vagina.
“Now Eat” I demand as I push him back down. It’s now my turn… and hers to orgasm.
He licks at his own pearls of pleasure beautifully decorating her splendid sex. I fuck him slow and deep. She moans as his tongue enters to clean her. Her fingers reach again for my hungry mouth. Only this time I taste her and him on them. It makes me dizzy as I feel my own cum begin to race through my stiff cock. I start to cum, pulling fully out to watch it slash against his pink gaping hole. And then I plunge back in while simultaneously imagining I am somehow, fucking his ass, sucking his cock, fucking her pussy and eating her at the same magical time This makes me cum even more inside his tunnel of love. He grunts inside her pussy as the lava of my eruption hits his inner walls. Watching her man receive such pleasure makes her very happy indeed. Her fingers wrap around his head to hold his mouth in place as she cums.
“Oh my Gawd” he says laughing as he rolls over to his back and lays against her wet pussy and moist breasts. She runs her fingers though his hair and while her other hand holds his still heaving chest. She smiles as she too catches her breath. She softly whispers “Thanks”

To me and bows her head to lovingly kiss him as he raises his face to meet her quivering lips.
They’ll taste each other there, I smile, as I get up to take a quick shower. 
Then I wonder as I step under the shower. Will they be asleep when I step out. Or will they be in the midst of another orgasmic session? And if so… Should I join in? Or let them be?

For my new friend

Oops sorry didn’t know someone was in here. Wow. You’re beautiful and mmm such a great bod.
I’m sorry I’ll leave. What? You want me to stay? But the store is so crowded…
Okay… But we have to be very quiet. Why don’t I sit on the bench. Do you want me to open my blouse? Do you like my breasts…shhhh shhh darling you must be quiet… We don’t want that old lady next to us to hear. I know your excited but relax… We can get you off quickly and then exchange numbers k?
Touch my nipples and kiss me… 
You smell nice. And your lips are so sweet.
Why don’t you face the door and I’ll take off your dress.
I love your figure girl. So many skinny bitches out there it’s nice to see an actual woman.
Turn around let me see your breasts. Awww just as a suspected. Gorgeous.
Okay to hike up my skirt I don’t want to get it wet.
What do you think? Oh forget it… I can already tell by the look in your eyes…
Have you been with a girl before?
It just that you’re so excited… Good thing the door locks huh? And the walls go to the floor.
Do you want to kiss it… Okay okay slowly baby. Mmmmm that feels nice. Let me scoot forward… Can I rest my legs on your shoulders?
Wow… You sure you haven’t done this before? Yes…right there… Gosh you are making me so wet… Oh oh wait fuck oh stop wait. I’m gunna… Fuuuuccckkk… 
God girl you can’t make a girl scream not like that in a place like this.
Now it’s my turn. 
What? Stand up? You want to kiss? Okay… I can taste me on you. Damn you are beautiful.
K sit down… I know I’m sorry it’s wet… But… Wow.., that is a gorgeous… Can I taste you now?
Do you like that? Yeah scoot forward more…lean back… Perfect.. How’s your neck? Okay.

Mmmm you taste… Wow… You are so tucking wet… Wait it’s dripping down on your… Is it okay to lick you there too? What? No one has ever…ever? Well let me change that…
Oh you like that too girl?
Slow down… Quiet baby…shhhh shhhh shhhh. They’re gunna…
Hold on someone’s in here! What the fuck dude we’re dressing! asshole! Fuck you dude!
Straighten your skirt baby… Hold on… Fix your shoe… And your hair… Haha baby it is important…
We don’t want them to think we were fucking in here.
Hold my hand and grab your purse.
We’re coming out asshole!
What a dick… 
My cars over there… Yes… The white Mercedes….why?
Can you cum over and play? 


I dreamed you were sucking my cock. You would stop… Cup my balls and with the other hand slowly stroke and squeeze a large clear drop of precum to the tip of my cock…
Sometimes you would lick at it yourself… 

But sometimes you would share it… 

Watching my face intently as you took the droplet smeared it over my lips, inserted that finger into my mouth and watched me suck it like a cock. 

You watching me, turned me on so much I would drip more and you would milk me more… 

And you would take those drops to tease my tiny begging asshole… You would not insert yet… 

You wanted me to suffer deliciously. 

You would merely paint the outside softly while it pulsed and begged for pleasure.

Saving my erotic death for for the finale… 

Sucking my cock with a slow deep finger buried inside me. Knowing that you could make me coo like a woman, lift my back off the mattress and squirt archs of beautiful pearlescent cum into the air. 

Would your fingers gather it? … Would you paint me with it… Where would you paint me?

Would I taste it?

Warm Summer Night

(Inspired by a letter to a friend)

I imagine you and I in bed together. You, lightly tying my wrists together above my head. You gently slip a blind fold over my eyes. Your lips softly kiss mine and then I feel your warm breath on my neck… More kisses there and a light nibble. My hips raise involuntarily and my soft cock starts to become firm. In my darkness I feel your hands caress my chest, fingers pinch my nipples the lips suck at them and I moan. I want to wrap my arms around you but you push them back over my head. Your tongue traces its way down my stomach and finds the tip of my cock. I imagine a snakes tongue as it flickers softly at the purple head.

Your tongue licks at the sweet droplets leaking from it. My hips raise again and you force them down.

I groan in delicious frustration. Your mouth takes me in, a slow seductive inch at a time. It circles my cock head and sucks at it softly making me want to squirt hot sperm all over your tongue.

But you won’t let me… This is meant to be a long slow torture…. And I love it.

I feel you leave the bed. Curious… You pull me by the shoulders, rotating my body, hanging my head off the edge of the bed. I now know what’s going on… I am so excited… I feel the slick head of your cock press against my closed lips… Rubbing back and forth… Expecting entry. Your hands hold my throat as you slip your cock into my waiting hungry mouth. Slowly slipping back and forth over my tongue.

You caress my head and face as I suck you… Wanting all of you, I pull you into my throat. Your hips sway in and out as your breath increases, you softly moan. I love sucking this beautiful cock. Your hands stroke my cock now… I am so fucking hard. You press deeper into my mouth and warm cum splashes against the back of my throat. Slowing your rhythm. You eventually right my body on the bed a climb next to me to snuggle and catch your breath.

Still blindfolded. Your lips taste mine. “It’s your turn now” you whisper sweetly in my ear.

Your mouth engulfs my cock. Switching between, licking my shaft, sucking my cock and tasting my balls… Making short quick visits to my desperate and tight pink asshole. I want you… I need you… I need something inside me as you suck. Something that will make me fill you mouth with my nectar.

You start with a tongue and then follow with Delicious single finger. Slow deep rhythms. I am yours and I tell you so over and over again. Tell me when to cum baby… You are in charge….

Now?… Right now? Oh…uh…uh… Oh god… Oh baby…ummmmmmmmcummmiinng.

I can feel those pulses of long squirting cum. Your mouth and finger are sending me over the edge.

You are the best.

The Cabin

I lay naked on warm flannel sheets, the fireplace crackles behind me. It’s radiating the room. I listen to the shower water turn off with a clunk to the old cabin pipes. I close my eyes and pretend I am asleep.

I hear their feet make soft patting sounds as they cross the floor. I feel the mattress depress as they climb towards me. I breathe soft and deeply, knowing I am not fooling them for a second.

Warm damp hands separate my legs gently as if not to wake me. Slowly.
I will my self not to become erect. The tell tale sign. I listen as I breathe, the click of the top of a bottle of lubricant opened. The wet sound as a palm is filled. My ass cheeks separated and warm droplets fall directly on my tiny pink hole. A giggle and hot breath is also applied. Heat activated. Now my cock grows beneath me. The mattress depresses at my head and heals gently press into my shoulders. A scoot forward and I can smell the vapors of fragrant wet pussy. I am now fully aroused.

I raise my head and smile and proceed to bury my tongue and lips in this beautiful pink cunt. Hands gather my hair and the back of my head and apply pressure drawing me in.

I inhale as the tip of a slippery cock is pressed to the crevice of my ass. Slipping back and forth. Pressing against my opening then sliding away. I moan my frustration inside this pussy I so enjoy licking. I want to be fucked. Her sweet ass raises and I lick her puckered anus. In and out her grip tightens. I know this feeling well. Giving as well as receiving.

I arch my back and raise my welcome ass to be well cummed.
Insertion is so sweet. My cock begins to drip. Hands and fingers fondle my dick searching for its leaky tip. Self lubricating. Those fingers feed me my own precum sweet and clear. So clearly sweet. I raise my face and my female friend kisses me deeply. Tasting her own nectar. Forcing me down once again to please her as my hips jostle. A furious pumping, I cant help but rise to my knees as he fucks me deeper.

I cum hands free. Strings shoot from me and land across her red angry wet pussy and soft round belly. She once again pulls me down to clean the mess I have made. While she moans in ecstasy. Driving my fuck-er wild with passion… He too let’s loose, a stream I can only imagine of glorious hot cum that I can feel saturating my inner walls.

We huddle together in the glow of the fire. Slick and wet with sweat and body fluids. We catch our breath and then a simple kiss here and a lick there and once again we are ready to please each other.

This Just In…

I guess I just keep seeing in my minds eye, the silky wet purple head of your cock slipping back and forth across my lips. Teasing me. Gently pressing so that I open my mouth to take you in, stretching my tongue to taste…but you pull away… Just out of reach.

I know you are enjoying this. I feel it in the way your hands gently caress my neck, my throat you softly squeeze showing me you are in charge, taking my breath away. You finally give in and your cock enters my mouth slowly making its way to the back of my throat. Leaving a trail of precum across my tongue.

You slowly fuck my mouth. The tiny hairs on your balls feel so good against my lips. Tapping as your cock head stretches the muscles in my throat. You taste sweet and salty all at once.
We now suck each other in 69. Your fingers separate my ass cheeks and move inside the valley.
They lightly press the opening. Your saliva makes a river between my legs over my balls and lubricates your fingers as you push inside me. My cock goes even more rigid inside your mouth. My hips raise to take them deeper.

I love the way you finger fuck me.

We disengage.

You kneel between my legs and push your wet cock against me now. My muscles relax as you look down at me and my hard cock resting against my belly. You take me in your fist and slip your cock inside me as you stroke me. I moan. I could cum in two seconds… But you are in control. Your hand releases my cock as you hold my thighs and move in and out of me.

I imagine you going off inside me. Your cum splattering my pink inner walls. The fantasy so real my cock now lifts magically and starts to spray cum across my chest and into my open mouth.

As you watch me cum, you cum as well. Fulfilling that dream, flooding the walls so much, I can feel you leaking out of me.

We rest… And then you take me to the shower so we can clean each other and start all over again.