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The Cabin

I lay naked on warm flannel sheets, the fireplace crackles behind me. It’s radiating the room. I listen to the shower water turn off with a clunk to the old cabin pipes. I close my eyes and pretend I am asleep.

I hear their feet make soft patting sounds as they cross the floor. I feel the mattress depress as they climb towards me. I breathe soft and deeply, knowing I am not fooling them for a second.

Warm damp hands separate my legs gently as if not to wake me. Slowly.
I will my self not to become erect. The tell tale sign. I listen as I breathe, the click of the top of a bottle of lubricant opened. The wet sound as a palm is filled. My ass cheeks separated and warm droplets fall directly on my tiny pink hole. A giggle and hot breath is also applied. Heat activated. Now my cock grows beneath me. The mattress depresses at my head and heals gently press into my shoulders. A scoot forward and I can smell the vapors of fragrant wet pussy. I am now fully aroused.

I raise my head and smile and proceed to bury my tongue and lips in this beautiful pink cunt. Hands gather my hair and the back of my head and apply pressure drawing me in.

I inhale as the tip of a slippery cock is pressed to the crevice of my ass. Slipping back and forth. Pressing against my opening then sliding away. I moan my frustration inside this pussy I so enjoy licking. I want to be fucked. Her sweet ass raises and I lick her puckered anus. In and out her grip tightens. I know this feeling well. Giving as well as receiving.

I arch my back and raise my welcome ass to be well cummed.
Insertion is so sweet. My cock begins to drip. Hands and fingers fondle my dick searching for its leaky tip. Self lubricating. Those fingers feed me my own precum sweet and clear. So clearly sweet. I raise my face and my female friend kisses me deeply. Tasting her own nectar. Forcing me down once again to please her as my hips jostle. A furious pumping, I cant help but rise to my knees as he fucks me deeper.

I cum hands free. Strings shoot from me and land across her red angry wet pussy and soft round belly. She once again pulls me down to clean the mess I have made. While she moans in ecstasy. Driving my fuck-er wild with passion… He too let’s loose, a stream I can only imagine of glorious hot cum that I can feel saturating my inner walls.

We huddle together in the glow of the fire. Slick and wet with sweat and body fluids. We catch our breath and then a simple kiss here and a lick there and once again we are ready to please each other.

This Just In…

I guess I just keep seeing in my minds eye, the silky wet purple head of your cock slipping back and forth across my lips. Teasing me. Gently pressing so that I open my mouth to take you in, stretching my tongue to taste…but you pull away… Just out of reach.

I know you are enjoying this. I feel it in the way your hands gently caress my neck, my throat you softly squeeze showing me you are in charge, taking my breath away. You finally give in and your cock enters my mouth slowly making its way to the back of my throat. Leaving a trail of precum across my tongue.

You slowly fuck my mouth. The tiny hairs on your balls feel so good against my lips. Tapping as your cock head stretches the muscles in my throat. You taste sweet and salty all at once.
We now suck each other in 69. Your fingers separate my ass cheeks and move inside the valley.
They lightly press the opening. Your saliva makes a river between my legs over my balls and lubricates your fingers as you push inside me. My cock goes even more rigid inside your mouth. My hips raise to take them deeper.

I love the way you finger fuck me.

We disengage.

You kneel between my legs and push your wet cock against me now. My muscles relax as you look down at me and my hard cock resting against my belly. You take me in your fist and slip your cock inside me as you stroke me. I moan. I could cum in two seconds… But you are in control. Your hand releases my cock as you hold my thighs and move in and out of me.

I imagine you going off inside me. Your cum splattering my pink inner walls. The fantasy so real my cock now lifts magically and starts to spray cum across my chest and into my open mouth.

As you watch me cum, you cum as well. Fulfilling that dream, flooding the walls so much, I can feel you leaking out of me.

We rest… And then you take me to the shower so we can clean each other and start all over again.

Two Knights Ago….

I lit candles.

We took a shower together. And bathed each other.

He sucked me and finger fucked me with warm water pouring down my back.

Then I licked his balls and his ass while I stroked his beautiful cock.

We dried off and laid a blanket on the floor.

I played soft ambient music on the stereo.

He laid me on my back, he kissed and sucked my balls. He sucked me and fingered me with lubrication. When he knew I was ready, he knelt between my legs. He leaned over me and kissed me as he entered me. He fucked me very slow while kissing me and sometimes pulled back to stare into my eyes.

He stroked my cock as he slid in and out of me.

He started to pump me faster and he began to cum. We almost went off together.

He pulled out and came all over my cock and balls.

Some dribbled warmly down the crack of my ass. Then he masturbated my cock with his cum.
He pushed some inside me with his fingers.

I begged him to kiss me and finger me as I came between our two bodies. He did and I did.

He held me for a bit as my orgasm subsided and the candles started to flicker out.

He kissed me goodbye and left.

I showered and climbed into bed.

Within minutes I was hard again reliving the fucking I just had. My ass was still tingling.

I came again, just as much as the first time, but this time from my own fingers inside me.

I slept like a baby the rest of the night.

Gay Sex is good for me. It takes away all the pain and stress in my life.

It began quiet strangely, he slid the blindfold over my eyes.

I then felt what seemed like a a silk scarf wrapped around each of my wrists, my wrists then pulled to each corner bed post above my head. Did I say I was laying on a king sized bed somewhere in a lower Manhattan hotel room?

I believe the 16th floor. I was dizzy and drunk on the elevator ride and didn’t much care with whom, where or why I was there.

My body nude and chilled, but not for long I could tell.

My legs now pulled apart, knees bent, ankles tied. A pillow pushed under my naked ass.

I chose this willingly.

Warm hand gripping my cock. Pulling up, my skin pulled up and around the purple leaking head of my cock. Then pulled down taunt against my balls.
A rough tongue licks at the droplets oozing from me. A mouth surrounds my cock head, the tongue now making wet circles around the knob. Licking the cleavage, the slit gently at the top.

A slippery wet, lubricated, oily finger? Moves up inside me. I am fucked.
Finger fucking me gently slowly as my cock is stroked and I am too quickly ready to cum.

“Please?” I ask, “…not yet?”

I am mounted. A set of knees tucked into my underarms the smell of warm cock reaches my nose as testicles gently tap my chin. My tongue moves out to lick as the head of a cock as slipped between my waiting lips.

My mouth is pumped. The cock reaches the back of my throat.

Somehow my cock is being stroked, my legs lifted as a second person deftly enters my tight pink sphincter. Bursting through and stroking deep my breath is taken as I inhale this as the gulping cock in my mouth stroking for all it is worth.

My ass is full. I thought I was fucked before with a mer finger.

Now, I am truly fucked.

Cum fills my mouth.

As I shoot my load as well.

The final pulsing strokes as my ass is filled as well.

Rode hard and put away wet.

My dreams fulfilled.



As a primarily hetero-bisexual, I have often wondered in a gay relationship. How much preparation goes into anal sex with your partner.
If I know I’m going to have it I clean everything out of my system (ya know what I mean?)

But that would really take the spontaneity out of great sex in a gay relationship. Does sex ever happen without that preparation? Do you just ignore the little mishaps? Please, could someone explain?

I am so craving the taste of a sweet, wet pussy. But I also desperately would love to lick that same taste off a beautiful thick cock until it goes off in my mouth. And lastly, I would love to wake every morning with the gentle warm sting of freshly fucked ass filled with copious amounts of cum. That would fulfill my desires…. for now. hee hee.

I love the thought of a public private shower where I could possibly be caught or at least spied on as I slowly satisfy myself under a hot steamy shower head. Water pouring over all my vital parts. I pull at my hard cock and see you peak around the corner. I invite you in. We kiss hard as our cocks rub together. We stroke each other as you suck at my hard nipples. Do you want to turn me around? Hands raised and against the tiled walls. Water pours down my back as you grab my cock again from behind and enter my tight ass with your stiff cock. Fuck me slowly till you fill me up with cum. I want to watch it drip out of me when we’re done. You jerk me off till I cum on those same tiled walls. Pure unadulterated heaven.

I am looking for someone interested in exchanging stories, real or fiction, photos etc regarding, bisexuality, straight and gay sex. Male or Female, Solo, group or just between two adults. I wanna hear it all. This is for my own masturbatory consumption. I just want to interact with a real person. To quote Pink Floyd…”Is there anybody out there?”


Sometime, I want to 69 with you. But I only want to suck and lick just the very tip of your cock. My lips will surround it as just the tip of my tongues licks at your piss hole and the underside of your cock head.
I want to taste your precum and then I would purse my lips and finger fuck you till you cum squirting all over my lips. What do you think? Is that something we can do? Would you then kiss my cum covered lips as you finger fuck me to orgasm?


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